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115, M. K. ROAD, CHURCHGATE, MUMBAI – 400 020.




  1. E-tenders are  invited  from  House  Keeping  Agencies (hereinafter referred to as “Bidders”), for upkeep and maintaining of cleanliness of the office buildings including constructed  area,  and  open  premises  of  following  offices  under Mumbai – central Commissionerate for one year w.e.f. 01.10.2017: -




Sr. No.


Sq. feet (Approx.)

Total Sq, feet (approx.)






Office consisting of ground floor + 6 floors  situated at New Central Building, 115 M. K. Road, Opp Churchgate Railway Station (East) Mumbai-400020.















Offices of Division II & III at Meher Building (Bombay Garage), Chowpatty, Mumbai – 400 007. 





Offices of Division IV & VI at 1st Floor Construction House, Walchand Hirachand marg, Mumbai-400039




Offices of Division I &V and Divn. VII to X Piramal Chambers, Jijibouy Lane, Lalbaugh, Parel, Mumbai-400012




M.S.E.B Bldg., Estrella Battery Compound Dharavi, Matunga (East), Mumbai-400019







  1. Cleaning, sweeping and wiping of floors.
  2. Collecting / disposing of garbage.
  3. Thorough cleaning of toilets/urinals in the premises, using required detergents, etc. by putting naphthalene balls in all the urinals and air purifiers in the toilets.
  4. Shifting of furniture and other items/stores from one place to another as required by the administration.


  1. Dusting and cleaning of all furniture like table, chairs, racks, almirahs, sofa- sets, fans, applying Dettol liquid to telephones, wiping and cleaning of wooden Formica and glass surfaces, window sills and frames and plant pots and removal of stagnant water.


  1. Miscellaneous services such as serving of drinking water / refreshment, etc., during Conference / Meetings/ Seminars and visits of assesses in Headquarters and offices as mentioned in Page 1 of Tender Notice.
  2. Internal and external cleaning of window panes, doors and fans, cleaning of venetian blinds, ceilings, walls, AC duct, grills and beams.
  3. Cleaning of entire floor space, glasses and pantry with detergents or liquid cleaning agents.


III. Cleaning Materials:

This office will provide all the necessary cleaning materials.


  1. General Terms and Conditions:
  2. Bidder/s providing similar service to other government departments will be given preference.
  3. Bidder/s shall be duly registered with all the required statutory authorities of government like Service Tax, ESIC etc. .
  4. Bidder/s should at least pay minimum wages to his employees as prescribed by the Central government. If during the tenure of the contract such minimum wages are enhanced it will be the responsibility of the contractor to pay such /additional differential wages.
  5. Bidders employing locals will be given preference.
  6. Bidder should state the lump sum amount that he would be charging on monthly basis per worker separately for housekeeping. Normally the persons engaged would be 20 housekeeping workers.
  7. Bidder should not indulge in employing child labour.
  8. Bidder should be registered under Labour laws and with PF authorities. The statement of provident fund deductions of housekeeping staff should be submitted to this office.


  1. Specific Terms and Conditions:
  2. The GST &  Central Excise Commissionerate, Mumbai Central   (hereinafter referred to  as  the Commissionerate)  reserves  the  right  to postpone and/or  extend the date of receipt/opening  of  Rates/Quotation  or  to  withdraw  the  same,  without   assigning  any  reason thereof.
  3. The   bidders   are   required   to   submit   the   complete rates / quotations   only after satisfying each and every condition laid down.
  4. The rates quoted must be written both in figures and in words and should indicate leviable taxes, if any. Corrections, if any, are to be made only by crossing out, initialling, dating and clearly rewriting. In case of discrepancy between the words and figures the rates indicated in figures shall prevail. All overwriting/cutting, insertions shall be authenticated and attested.
  5. Rates/Quotations should be submitted and signed by the authorized person of the bidding firm with its current business address.
  6. The bidders must comply with the rates/quotations, specification and all terms and conditions of contract. No deviation in the Terms & Conditions of the Contract shall be entertained unless specifically mentioned by the bidder in the rates/quotations and accepted by the Commissionerate. However in case the minimum wages are enhanced by the Central Government then the differential amount shall be paid to the persons engaged which will be reimbursed at the end of the financial year by the Department.
  7. Bidders, other than those holding ISO 9000 or above certification, should have (i)     A minimum turnover of Rs.100 Lakhs (Rupees One hundred Lakhs) each year in housekeeping services during the years 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-17. In support thereof their balance sheets/profit & loss accounts should be attached duly certified by their Chartered Accountant.

(ii)        They should have a single completed contract of Rs. 20 lakhs for Housekeeping Services in Central Government /State Government/  PSU and should submit copies of contract/award letters in support thereof duly attested in any of the aforesaid three years and in support thereof.

(iii).      The bidder should have minimum experience of three years in providing housekeeping services in Central/State Government  Departments/ State  PSU(s)/ Semi-Govt. Departments/PSUs and should submit copies of  contract/award letters in support thereof duly attested.

(iv).      The Agency should have a minimum experience of 5 yrs in the same field.

  1. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the Commissionerate reserves the right to terminate the contract by giving 1 (one) months’ notice in writing without assigning any reason.
  2. Insurance cover protecting the agency against all claims applicable under the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1948, shall be taken by the successful bidder. The successful bidder (Contractor) shall arrange necessary insurance cover for any persons deployed by him even for short duration. The Commissionerate shall not entertain any claim arising out of mishap, if any, which may take place. In the event of any liability/claim falling on this Commissionerate, the same shall be reimbursed/indemnified by the Contractor.
  3. Contractor shall in no case lease/transfer/sublet/appoint care taker for   services.
  4. No other person except Contractor's authorised representative shall be allowed to enter the premises of the Commissionerate.
  5. Contractor shall be solely responsible for payment of wages/salaries other benefits and allowances to his personnel that might become applicable under any Act or Order of the Govt. The Commissionerate shall have no liability whatsoever in this regard and the Contractor shall indemnify this Commissionerate against any/all claims which may arise under the provisions of various Acts, Govt. Orders etc. The contractor shall pay the workers on or before the second Monday of the following month by ECS transfer. In case the same has not yet been started the payment shall be witnessed by the authorized officer of the Department till the system of transfer through ECS is in place . The contractor shall also furnish, along with monthly bills, a certification to the effect that they have paid, to their housekeeping personnel, minimum wages as prescribed by the Central Government along with the subject personnel’s signatures.
  6. In case any worker does not report for duty on any day (other than Sunday/national holiday) then the Department shall deduct, from the monthly bills of the contractor, an amount not exceeding 150% of the daily wage per day of such absence. Hence it will be in the interest of the Contractor to provide for staff on all days of the month (other than Sunday/national holiday) except in the case of Departmental Guest Houses where staff should be provided round the clock.
  7. Contractor shall be fully responsible for theft, burglary, fire or any mischievous deeds by his staff.
  8. All consumables   and   materials   used   by   the   contractor   shall   be   provided by this Commissionerate.
  9. It is made clear that the engagement of the service provider does not in any way confer any right to the service provider or the persons that may be deployed by him in this office for claiming any regular or part time employment in this office or any other Govt. Office.
  10. The contractor will provide his staff the necessary uniform and the staff should carry their identity cards at all times. The cost will be borne by the contractor.
  11. Photo, full address and telephone number of all housekeeping personnel should be provided for records.
  12. Bidder should provide qualified and experienced full time supervisor to supervise all the functions as mentioned in the scope
  13. Housekeeping work should be completed before 9.30 am, on all working days.
  14. In absence of any housekeeping staff, the contractor shall arrange to deploy alternate work force of sufficient strength and competence to maintain the normal operations.

The tender is invited in two covers i.e. (1) Techincal bid/Qualifying Bid and 2) financial bid. The e-tender form for technical/qualifying bid as prescribed in Annexure-1 and the e-tender form for the financial bid prescribed in BOQ excel sheat duly complete in all respects shall be submitted online on www.eprocure.gov.in on or before 20.09.2017 (16:30 HRS) in two separate files addressed to the Assistant Commissioner of GST (PRO), Mumbai-Central, GST Bhawan Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020. The Technical/Qualifying Bid shall be opened by the e-Tender Opening Committee on 21.09.2017   at 15:00 hrs. Incomplete bid documents shall be rejected. The valid bids shall be scrutinized by the e- Tender Committee to shortlist the eligible bidders.  Thereafter, the financial bids of the short listed bidders shall be opened on 21.09.2017 at 17.00 hrs by the e-Tender Committee.


Bids have to be submitted online in our e-tendering system (www.eprocure.gov.in). Bidders shall submit the Technical as well as Financial Bids  through  e  tendering  portal  only.  Scan  copies  of  all  relevant  documents should be attached with bid. Bids submitted by Courier/Post/in person shall not be accepted in this tender.

VIII. e-Tender notice can be also downloaded from the websiteswww.cbec.gov.in  and  www.mumbaicentralexcisecbec.gov.in. Tenders received   after the prescribed time limit will not be entertained.

  1. The Last Date for receipt of e-Tender is 20.09.2017 till 16.00  hrs.
  2. For any clarification, site inspection etc, bidders may contact the WITH THE SUPERINTENDENT (PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER), GST, MUMBAI- CENTRAL at 1ST Floor, GST BHAWAN, 115, M.K. Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020 or on  TELEPHONE No.022- 22058561 / 9323021166..










Mumbai the       September  2017



Copy to :

  1. Notice Board.


  1. Joint Commissioner (Computer), GST & Central Excise, Mumbai Central, with a request for completing all procedures of e-tendering and uploading the tender details on the website  www.eprocure.gov.in  and  www.mumbaicentralexcisecbec.gov.in