Reach more customers than ever before. We make sure you will get the real results with our custom digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

Online Marketing and Advertising for business

Laxsho digital marketing agency, which is take care all your digital marketing channels. Our integrated digital marketing solutions have the ability to deliver amazing results. We have good experience in digital marketing strategy and make a marketing plan for every business. We always keep in touch with our clients, provide daily basic communication which help us to deep learning their business requirement. We know what are our clients exactly want from our digital marketing services, we are ensuring our clients and provide best results with business growth.

Search engine optimization, Social media marketing and Email Marketing, these three generate quick and effective interaction with targeted audiences and delivers better- than-average results in terms of higher conversion rates. Only the Digital Marketing helps to generate better revenues. Its provide better ROI for your marketing investment.

Facebook Lead Generation

Lead generation made simple for business

Facebook Leads are generated by potential clients through Facebook. Now, these days, Facebook has billions of people users all have different interests. When you promote your business through Facebook lead ads you will get more traffic and leads to your services and products.

Facebook leads to make more clients for your business. You can create Ads for your services or products through Facebook leads Ads. Generally, Facebook leads are cheap. You can make more leads in just some amount of investment. You need the best agency to create Facebook ads for your business. Laxsho advertising agency is the leading agency for lead generation for our clients. We are creating a campaign for your business services or products.

We like Facebook Ads because of their method of use, Vast Targeting option, Selecting audience target, Selecting area target, and get value able leads for your services or products.

Instagram Lead Generation

Get More Leads on Instagram

Now these days, Instagram now grow their monthly user faster than Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Most of the people like to engage with Instagram brand snaps. On an Instagram serve 200 million Instagram users are searching business profiles per day. Most people like shown their business on Instagram.

If your business belongs to these industries like auto, fashion, beauty, and travel they will fit for Instagram Ads. In Instagram ads, we will promote your business more and more. Laxsho advertising agency in India based company; we are generating leads for our clients through Instagram ads. On Instagram ads, we need a Facebook account for your business. We create a requirement for our customers and create ads for Instagram.

We are creating visual product clips for Instagram ads. Choose marketing place, Define your audience for your business, Select the best placement, Set the best bid, choose an ad format, and create the best information form for Making the best Instagram Lead generation ads for our clients.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Achieve Your Marketing Goals‎

LinkedIn is the world,s largest database of business professional profile in all over India. It has 500 million users and very professional business accounts. Laxsho advertising agency will help you to create a professional business profile On the LinkedIn platform to generate more leads for clients.

According to LinkedIn serve there are 100 million active users spent time on their business per day. If you have a business and like to promote on LinkedIn, Laxsho will help you to create ads for your business. We are targeting 40 million potential users of linkedIn.

We are taking some strategy parameters for your business, target the right people by using their title, company, industry, seniority, and more filter option to make the best lead generation for your business. LinkedIn Ads are high rate leads than other and more confirm leads through Ads campaigns. We are the best to retarget your website visitors, reach the contact, and build an account-based campaign in all over India.

YouTube Lead Generation

Most Effective YouTube Lead Generation Strategies

Youtube is the largest video streaming platform in the world. It has billions of users and millions of active users daily. It has made a large marketing channel by brands, marketers, and influencers alike. There is all kind of business services and products videos are available on Youtube channels. Most people are like to a video ad apart from image ads.

Laxsho advertising agency, we will create a youtube channel for your business and promote videos on YouTube. We are creating YouTube lead generation ads for our client's services or products. Our experts will create YouTube lead generation campaigning through some strategy. We are collecting all details which requirement of a lead generation campaigning. We are focusing target relevant keywords, Optimize your YouTube channel, Add CTAs to Your Videos, Add Website Links in Your Video, Target your networks, and locations, Create your Ad Group, target your related audience, Create video ads and ready to lunch your ads on YouTube channel.

Google PPC Lead Generation

Collect Leads Using Google Adwords

Leads Generation means to found clients for your business services or products. Everyone wants to increase their business. Google is the world’s largest search engine, there are billions of people are spending time on Google. There are so many people are searching for services and products like your business, but they did not found your business services or products list on there. Therefore you need to create attention to those customers to your business. Laxsho advertising agency in India based company providing Google PPC lead generation services for their clients.

We are creating Google ads for our clients. We are the best agency for setting Google ads at the very low bid as per the requirement of clients. We are creating all types of Google ads like statics and visual ads for our clients. Our experts are Identify relevant keywords, Targeting Audiences, Targeting Area, Targeting the right profession, and set the best bid for ads. Crating A/B testing by using a different landing page for your lead generation ads.

We are Compare these to low intention keywords, Use trending keyword planners for your business, Use Ad Extensions for like click to action, call to action button which is the requirement of our customers' leads generation ads.

Landing pages benefits in Leads Generation

Landing pages benefits in Lead Generation

A Landing page is a marketing tool bringing awareness to specific content and information for their visitor on a single webpage. And collect data from the call to action option and increase conversions about specific services and products. Lead generation landing pages are used to collecting data of visitors like name, email, phone no, etc. And it will help to convert leads by clients. Laxsho Advertising agency is the best landing page designer and services provider in India. We are creating the best landing page with an attractive layout for our clients.


  • It leaves a good first impression.
  • Generate more leads and conversions.
  • Promote new products and services on a single webpage.
  • Take customers to direct and to the point.
  • Increase your search traffic.
  • Qualified leads from your search traffic.